a peck on my cheek

24 Jul
It is interesting to understand how certain people think. I always believe anyone I just met if I think they have nothing to lie about. Especially of they are so young and innocent wide-eyed type.

Until of course, something they say does not ring true and they start to contradict themselves on 2 different occasions.

Kids expecially those who are from troubled families can be straight-forward or they could be a bundle of lies. So the first impression made to them by you should be one of a trusting adult to break through their sheild. After that, they might use some tactics which they know will work as it has before.

This kid, so helpful, and I was firece with them for a while because as normal kids do, they misbehaved. This kid is very ‘manja’. Asked to sit beside me, and fed her a little of my home-cooked dinner and she self -service the rest. She also purposely disturbed me while I was doing my work.

What took me by surprise was her action when she was about to leave, she salam me and kissed my cheek. It felt weird…for the first time. I suddenly got reminded of my beloved cousins; all 5 of them. I hope whatever is happening is for good and the ties will be strong again.


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