a race through the nature parks of spore

26 Jul

~RACE 6~

A race which is similar to amazing race but it is conducted in Spore; organised by NUS ODAC. It is conducted over 3 days, beginning 25 July and ending 27 July.

We started at 7pm at Velocity where I met with my bro’s friends, K and A. I have been acquited with them prior to this but still it was weird at first. At least I had my bro, I also felt to uselessly dumb not being able to contribute much to the travelling decisions.

Our first clue was Thomson road via Whitley road. Im no good with road so pardon me if I get it wrong. We ran there from Velocity. There were 27 teams altogether and we were 4th. Woo hoo! Cheers to us!

2nd clue was skating at Bishan Park; somewhere so close by but I hadn’t the slightest idea they had such facilities in there. We took a bus there this time. K is good with buses so it was helpful. There, we had to answer some questions related to skating and each wrong answers will accumulate a 5 mins penalty. Sharks! We got one wrong which was; it is not against the law to skate on the roads.

3rd clue was getting harder; the location I mean, Settlers’ Cafe at Holland V. Super far. We couldnt afford to waste so much money as we only had $20 for 3 days. We went to the nearby petrol station to hitch a ride there. After several failed attempt, we got a nice taxi driver who was going towards Raffles so offered to drop us off Outram MRT. FOR FREE! My first time hitching a ride. My bro did most of the asking or begging to be exact, we just looked out for kind hearted people. From there, we headed to Bouna Vista by train and walked for a while and there were so many teams already there and we were so far behind already; i think 16th team.

There we had to play some balancing game where my bro played against some other teams. Here, many teams pakat( worked together to take turns losing.) The group we were up against didnt wanna cooperate so we spent like 10mins on this.

4th clue was Haw Par Villa. We walked back to the main road and waited for some time near some trafiic lights where we hitched another ride from a nice man who was going in the same direction as well. Hitching rides are so useful and talking to these people can be beneficial too. We reached Haw Par Villa somehow. Nothing to do at the station except recieve a Soduku puzzle which we could solve on the way to the next stop.

5th clue was Bukit Batok Park. Gosh we tried hitching a ride but failed. We were at position 12th somehow. We took a direct bus to somewhere and another bus there. We walked quite a long distance and hiked some hill. Upon reaching we were given another clue and didnt have to do anything there. It was already 10.30 pm by then.

6th clue was Sembawang park. Our last destination and place of habitation for the night. We walked to the road and so luckily got another nice taxi driver on his way home and he lives at Yisuhn. He dropped us right there, we hiked up a little and reached in 5 minutes. I was dead beat by then.

We pitched our own tent on some grassy hill and got on to take our baths in the dirty toilets where I could hear the guys talking so loudly as the toilets were literally side by side.

Even though it was squeezy and on a hill, I got a nice sleep from 1plus till 7am. We had to freshed up and took down our tents had some pathetic 1 slice of bread for breakfast. Supper last night was also 1 slice of bread.

Start of Day 2

We were the 5th batch to leave according to the sequence we arrived back the day before. Today we got to be more careful as there will be elimination rounds.

1st stop was NTU Garden Lake. After spending a lot of time from trying to hitch a ride there, we admitted defeat and took the train there. Had to take a bus there somemore. To walk in was a little far so we hitched a ride in. We were lagging behind alot. Here we had to fish for 15 mins and if we fail, we would have a time penalty of 15 mins. Only 1 team caught a fish, the rest suffered the penalty.

2nd stop was Singapore Botanical Gardens. We hitched a ride along the road to Lakeside MRT, took the trsin down and hitched a ride in the back of a lorry of a nice couple who dropped us at the mouth of SBG; we hitched on another lorry towards the other end where we supposed to be. There we wasted more time by doing the activity which was navigating and we lost precious time, teams which arrived after us got to leave first.

3rd stop, was a puzzle which was coded with SMS language. It spelled Dairy Farm Adventure Camp. We took a cab there; the cabbyy forgot to on the meter until we reminded him to. This was an elimination stop and we were 20th to reach. 1 of us had to abseil down and peel a card off the wall while another helped balance and support his fall.

4th stop after surviving the first elimination, we headed to the highest nature point of in Singapore. Made our way out and hitched a ride with family of 3 to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. I couldnt believe I actually climbed to the summit; we had to! I remember when I climbed it the first time in Secondary School, I made a mental note never to do this again. With our empty stomach, we made it up and has to unscramble some cube thing. We didnt manage it got overtaken by another team who did it in a minute. We were last again.

5th stop was Teban Gardens spelled backwards and the block spelled backwards. We hitched a ride from this kind soul who was also going around there. We reached and had to paint some kindergarten wall. Community service?

6th stop were numbers again and it was NUS Archery range. Since we were dead beat and we knew the next round was the elimination round, we planned to be eliminated so we didnt rush thus took a bus. Once there, we took a cab into the sepcific place. There, we were ELIMINATED! (which explains why I am blogging away)

We had lunch and took a cab to Toa Payoh and my bro sent his friends home.


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