3 Aug
It was a super Sunday! Had commitment at 9.00am followed by an appointment with my dear friends who never fail to make me forget my worries. Yea that is how I feel about them! It was just the four of us girls at first in Amirah’s Grill, my favourite spot of all times…spent with my best friend and college friends…those were the good times.

Reflecting our images; somehow the innerpersons in us?

Dear Pooja, though the problems weren’t between us, I missed hanging out with our usual gang which of course included you!

The ‘dou’ look…i dont know why I just like to do this all the time…gaga

Rach, Nisa, Parv

smiling calmly even though our stomachs were growling like crazy…

Nisa just love to take picture; in her world its called paparazzi..she is hallucinating! (shh…)

We were just settling down and Rach was awed with the place; like we are on holiday in Bali. I wiah maybe we should go overseas together one day!

The real ‘chill out pose’ Havent even eaten yet already like that, after eating sensored.

Yeap…the Turkish Mixed Kebab! Yummy…definitely a must try if you go there, to get a taste of all the various meat.
D was waiting for me at Bugis MRT, so had to leave the group with F and P. Headed down to Kallang for a long time friend’s house warming. Havent seen her in ages, since her wedding in 2004? Well time sure does fly. Had a brief talk with her caught up a bit about each other’s life.
Off to Somerset to catch prayers and met up with R. Things started on the wrong note. I didnt want to go actually but since they asked I agreed. Wasnt keen on watching Mummy that is why…
It was a quite long since i chatted with D and I missed that, got the opportunity to do so on the way around.
Couples feud was not one I was used to thus didnt know what to do when it happens. When the bf was scolding with gf, what was I supposed to do? Usually I just ignore but when asked for my opinion I would try to help. I think today I was too tired to help or maybe my help was one sided, supported my BF instead of GF.

I got angry because they were that way, it thought to myself, maybe it would be best to not be a lightbulb anymore.
When my GF asked why I was angry when I was supposed to be reasonable, I thought about it. A lot of things actually.
Firstly, the thing I hate about GF is his anger. It is scary! I am afraid for BF, I hate to see her hurt. The first time i see her cry. BF is always secretive with me, am I too difficult to talk to? She doesnt want to share. Why? I can help you.
Another problem, when BF cries, do you let her bf do the comforting since he made her cry or do I push him aside and comfort her. I wanted to do that but didnt.
Secondly, I do not support what they are doing; the big D related to my previous post. Thus I feel he should not control her until he marries her. Then I thought what about the fact that he should love her for who she is. It was his choice! No one forced you. If he loves her and whants to change so many of her; so what exactly does he love her for?
He is doing a great thing, but maybe to me he is too harsh. The thing about the carrot and the stick? With my friend I would say i will use the carrot. I feel it will work eventually, Insyallah. With my children in the future, InsyAllah the stick should work better.

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