from nothing to…

7 Aug

Dressed simply with my normal lazy clothes and jeans, I headed to school with the plan of going home after school to study for the ever-approaching exam. In school, my friends were planning on joining in the class spirit of going for lunch together at Fish n Co. Yea I know it is not Halal…I didnt eat ok…What to do? Class spirit and they plan to go there; dont want to spoil their mood.

What can I say about this? The several drops of blood into the huge pail of pure water has tarnished the taste and image of the water. I am not hinting anyone in particular but a general comment about what society is becoming.

The perception of society about Islam is formed by the actions of these people who do not perform their obligation as ordered. Hijab becomes… halal becomes…. so on. So when we try to conform as normal Muslims should, society believes we are strict muslims who are pious. Excuse me?

I do not blame society, but the Muslims who project the negative image, similar to kids who misbehave tarnishing their family name.

I met up with A at Bugis! The plight of Singporeans to be stuck to Bugis and Orchard…Had a good catch up on each others life time though not long, was nice…we had food and she dropped me off…thanks girl!


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