8 Aug
Is it something we all strive for? To be a righteous individual is very difficult, in my humble opinion. Do we look at the littlest things we do in our lives? Is our conscience clear? Nature always override our senses; when we have done something to hurt someone, do we feel the need to apologise? If so why?…..” sebelum mata dipejam. dalam suasana yang kelam. luangkan secebis waktu dikala malam. mengimbas kembali kisah silam. Adakah hari ini lebih baik dari semalam? Fikirkanlah.”……..

—” before you close your eyes. in the solemness of your surroundings. spend a little time during the night. thinking back on your bad times. Is this day better than yesterday? Think about it”—

So at the end of the day, do you just place your head on your pillow and wander off to dreamland, or do you think back on your day; the times when you sacrificed your integrity, the times when you lied to save your back, the times when you back bite about this person all seem to hate, the times when you hurt someone.

There was a teaching; we must think about the people we hurt or wronged in the day and ask for forgiveness for the mistakes we have done. It is to lighten our burden at the end of our lives. You never know who you have hurt but if you do, take the extra step to apologise.

I would love anyone’s opinion on this. Do leave any comments you have about it…


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