mix and match?

10 Aug
What a concidence that all her son-in-laws are indians when she is malay. This is becoming a norm here; mix marriages, isn’t it? Is it good? Well who is to say, all these are God’s arrangement; life, love and marrige.
This little container containing bunga rampai or daun(leaf) pandan, supposedly to smell good, only for people like my mum. A malay tradition at weddings and today I found out at engagement ceremonies as well. It will follow me home and end up in the dustbin. Sad but true.

Nice right the engagement cake, too bad it is not chocolate…But the side is lined up with something that looks really yummy. No chance to allow my tastebuds to enjoy it.

Ohh my…full of sweet and chocolates…I will grow sideways if i have this in my house. So NO engagement parties for me otherwise I will be spoilt terribly!

Masterpiece! Beautifully designed green jelly lined with love-shaped stuff embedded and a sea of the shell like stuff in many layers.

If I used a professional photographer’s camera, it would have made the strawberries and grapes come alive. That was how it looked real life.

Cake with some strawberry icing I think. Or isit puff?

My all time favourite; caught my eye as soon as I walked in. Wondering what it is? Cake!!! everthing from cheese to patti to bread!!!

Lastly a photo taken with the bride-to-be. She looks stunning in her red gagra! Honestly one of the most excited looking bride-to-be I have ever seen. She looked super happy, smile never left her face. Ok I’m exaggerating but she did look really genuinely happy. Unfortunately, it didnt reflect that in this photo.
Did I mention who she was? My sis-in-law’s sister!

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