she turned 21? U sure? I’m not

10 Aug
This the princess of the day in a hotel with her special someone…(rmb onliy for the day!!!)
We just had to kidnap this naughty little princess who grew into adulthood today….freedom? Independence? Hmm…

Since she was looking very nice and “elegant” in her new outfit on her special day, we decided we didnt like it anymore and gave her a new look; the Zoro.
All dressed up in her new dress sponsored by her special someone specially picked by her dear sister and her new boots, she ascended the stairs to warmly welcome all her guest whom she had no idea was there. There they are, the group of them, friends of R! Sporting bunch of people…Supportive of my lame games…

A peek of the bue cake…proudly sponsored by R and hand picked by her dear sister after tiresome amount of time spent going from Prima Deli to Royal cakes to ……Coffee Bean!

Our dear ol’friends of FTP! Never fail to appear on any of our birthdays. NVR! M came straight from work, Len greatly appreciate your support.

Hmm….hungry people even after feeding them with cake…from left; Siti, Taha, Azlina, Adilah, Afizah, Siti Fiaruz…. See the birthday girl also cnat wait…I havent even taken my food….Haiya….*shake head…
(Took away photo),
Posing for the camera, my dear friend, Azlina who kept her promise…Thanks gurl it meant alot to me…thanks for being supportive!
Buddies since primary school! Do I have ? well yea but maybe not too close…they have been in touch since forever!
Crew behind the scenes; supported the birthday throughout. They were there even before we arrived, supported the deco of the place, the logistics…thank girls! And Rusyda…

Her friend and family…One that was super supportive…U can see the theme colour in them; red and black!

Crazy girls neevr fail to act up; after work also she had so much energy, so high yesterday. Her humour made the party come to life!

Having a cup of drink after lunch and relaxing…with the birthday girl!

Yeap, her eyes shut down automatically after certain time at night. Do contact her of the opening and closing hours. Love her…thru almost 7 years of friendship. Still a cresent moon but strong as always.

Taking photos at the many different spots in the whole area.

Group photo…farewell to friends…

Nice balcony couldnt resist to take picture!

Good-looking ever resistible cupcakes…But it is the same inside it just looks good on the outside. Mainly for display only. Everyone gets one!!!

Yeap the crew had to leave…Farewell pose (improved).

We played a game and the birthday girl got the banana….Yay!!!

The games postcard…prepared by P and R. (or R’s cousin)

Guest book…so so proudly presented by mEEEE!!!! that is A’s photo 2 years back…can see the transformation?

All the contents of the guest book from page 1 all the way to the last one. Each of us; Len, Meg, Eli and me has a page each for our message to her…

Our last guest were leaving….Nice…
That’s all folks!!!

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