Can stereotypes be avoided?

16 Aug
Was a very unplanned meeting but it was fun as usual with N’s amusing chinese, but it was good its just funny. At times it sounded like Tamil and sorts…It feels so good to keep in touch with friends you went to school with…
El-sheikh was our stop this time and I will let the photos do the talking for now..As you can see we were having a good time together; P, N, A and S. We went on to another place for our ‘strawberry desert’ at some back alley. N was having a wonderful time chit chatting with someone. There are but i think this will do for this public blog…the rest shall be for my memories…(still waiting for it from N)

Stereotypes. Interesting but is it wrong? Is it avoidable? As we walked past a bar, someone looked at me in a weird way…was it guilt? (not mine) People ask me questions, am I affected? I dont know.


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