Going to Finland

24 Aug
From London to Helsinki to Lappeenrata.
the sunrise view from the Hotel room…
Look at the street at 7.45am…empty…peaceful
The bustsop…
Near the Helsinki airport where we were living in the Bonus Inn.
In Helsinki walking towards the central train station to get to Lappeenranta.
Just reached Lappeenranta around 12.40pm.

I went grocery shopping. Discovery: everything is in English and I am appreciating my country even more each day. And I have to pay 20 cents euros for the bag.
Just on the way back to the apartment.
The real issues…
I am sitting on my very pathetic bed in Taipaisalrantie, Lappenranta. I hope I will be able to sleep well tonight.

I have so many worries on my mind; bank issues back home and here, internet unavailability here in my apartment. I am so so so very disappointed. I couldn’t get the universal adapters to charge my beloved laptop, chargers and so on…fortunately though I can use my handphone charger. I don’t know the password for my brother’s phone (spare phone). I spend so much money already!!!

Doing grocery shopping can be tiresome with everything in Finnish and I have to check the ingredients I am buying for certifying it halal myself. I am helpless….

I went grocery shopping twice today! I don’t know how to do things. My roommate is from Lithunia and she is really nice and warm but we sort of have some difficulty communicating sometimes but we are getting on fine. Alhamdulillah for that.
Lappenranta is beautiful!!! I love it! Its cold outside. We don’t need to on the aircon, it gets cold after some time. I hope I remain in pink health, please Do’a for me!
The train ride here was nice, but it was all Christmas tree looking forest area here only. But still a wonderful and peaceful place.

We still don’t know where the laundry room is when it is supposed to be in the building. My apartment is on the 3rd floor just imagine lugging my huge luggage up! My tutor helped me. She is Tia a very nice girl. I am so tired of lugging my huge luggage up and down trains and buses and flights of stairs.


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