Lappeenranta harbour

26 Aug
This is like around 5am? Beautiful right? Taken from my balcony.

My kitchen. I think it is nice…

I will just give a peek at my room….here goes

Morning view from my apartment balcony.

On the way to school, I and A met up with one of our classmates and we walked to school together. We actually went to the apartments office to solve some internet problems…well it is solved now since I am actually blogging.
School ended at 12 plus and there was a meeting with our tutors at 4plus so we went back home. On the way, i grabbed some groceries and fried my first fried rice. I think it taste ok. I ahd to cook the rice in a pot because the rice cooker requires an adaptor which I still havent got unfortunately.

After the meeting which seems to be just about booze, party and some general stuff, I and A went to the harbour…

Trekking up the hill to get a a bird’s eye view of the place…

Upon reaching up the hill…was freezing!

Some memorial sites, statues…

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