28 Aug
Was bored in class so i took photos of the euro coins from 2 euros to 10 cents euros….I was comparing what was different about classes here. The environment is so silent that if i coughed the whole class can hear. The students do not even whisper and if the students are not paying attention, the teacher would not say a thing but continue teaching. Some teachers will give handouts, some will ask us to copy, some will ask us to print. Some are for 2 periods, some are only for one. It is confusing really. An all new system but the like head of department is so extremely patient and nice that she is willing to explain to you very clearly. Printing is actually FREE in the library.

We were supposed to fill up the slot for washing clothes but we didnt know until we started washing the clothes and then 2 ladies came in. Luckily it was around 7 more minutes only. I dried my clothes for like 30 minutes…so fast right?

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