29 Aug
I am very lazy and extremely sleepy to typed what happened today. Alot happened at the Ylama’ countryside. This was when we just arrived by bus there. with the German girls and French guys… in the dance area…with Lithuanian girls and polish girl

we were waiting and were bored…

My lithuanian friend liked the ape alot,…

playing some other game…funny game…
while playing some game

the German guy was saying they looked like a very cute couple…cutest actually

going back

haha…i was so happy to be able to reac the ingredients of this chocolate in english!!! so I could buy it…yay! I bought other stuff from the supermarket as well as I got this really nice girl working there to translate the ingredients for me…she is so super nice so I think I will go there every friday…so she could help me! Its not that the other Fin’s cant help but they really dont understand or are not able to translate for me.

It doesnt look that delicious but yea I got to eat something so I fried fries, and here they are, with canned tuna, baby tomatoes, a slice of cheese and toasted bread. I think I should stop eating toasted bread because I eat it everyday. Strawberry jam with bread is too bland for me so I normally toast my bread on the pan. There is not toaster here. So my dear friends, please note that not everything is blissful here for me. Its tough life when you are used to eating delicious food everyday back home.

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