Moi moi

2 Sep
That is hello or good bye in Finnish…Im trying to learn it slowly.

Problems are what makes life interesting and a learning experience for all of us but why is it when we are faced with problems, we cant take it? Maybe not everyone feel the same but I am talking mainly of myself here.
When problems arise, I start thinking of why it is happening and instead of accepting it as a challenge from Allah.
I thought I could breathe easily after a week here but i suddenly feel breathless again. No matter how much I try to do things perfectly, they always end up in a knot. Fate.
I had a whole day of boring lessons which ended quite late as well. The end of the day wasnt so bad after all because I made good food today; to me it is tasty. Alhamdulillah.
My flatmate from China actually lent me her adaptor so I could cook rice. She arrived only yesterday and today another 2 girls from Bulgaria just arrived an hour ago. I ate rice with tuna and cream of mushroom soup(instant). A peek of it below

Surprised i was yesterday by the spectacular fireworks which I could see right from my apartment window. It was amazing. Was trying to get a good shot of it to be posted here but all i got was the black sky.
Happy 1st year anniversary to my dear brother and sis-in-law which coincides with the wonderful month of Ramadhan. Alhamdulilah.

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