my journey to school

5 Sep
Finnish lesson #2: Restaurant is Ravintola.
If you see the picture below properly, you would spot both words on the building…
Here, both the traffic lights and zebra crossing have the zebra lines so you have to spot the post before crossing. I noticed even at zebra crossing, drivers will just go past without stopping but you would have to walk then they will stop for you. There is no such thing as pedestrain has the right of way…you can continue dreaming…

I was having some discussion about business culture for one of our group assignments; you can see 3 Finnish, a German, a Lithuanian student and a Singaporean having such a discussion…It was an eye opener to know first hand about their cultures like punctuality, making decisions and knowing the reasons why is really something etc.

Whenever I see flowers in shop windows, on the streets, anywhere…my thought goes to my mum. The flowers here look so fresh and natural; i think my mother would love it here. She is always asking if i miss her everytime I talked to her and I will not lie even if it might hurt.
When she asked me the first time while I was transitting in London, I gave her a vague answer. I think it is a rhetorical question or should be. Mak, it is not only my test of love for you but your test of love for me. How can it be possible to not miss you? I am with you almost all the time when I am there. Tears welled up in my eye when I travelled without you for the first time. Tears welled up in my eye when you travelled for you left me for a long time, countless number of times.
It is only when you start thinking about the person that you start missing them. Being preoccupied with thoughts of the present situation and problems make one’s mind wander elsewhere. This is one of the banks here, around 5 different banks which makes part of my journey to school. Further down, the yellow sign there is the OTTO machine which I hope you can guess what it is. (hint:$$$)
The playground of the primary school near my school where I enjoy watching the kids play…
OK…this is the end of the journey, school. I just walked you through the various part of my journey to school everyday. The sign read etela karjalan Amm…which means South Karelian International School…Haha I dont really know this might not be true to the best of my limited knowledge of Finnish.
This photo is by special request of a very dear friend to see th classroom which is actually the same except they still use black boards and chalk…makes you think of your past doesnt it? If you are as old as me or older it will…

Thats is all folks! For all the folks who are only presently interested in my blog bacause I am here!

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