6 Sep
It looked like a fire engine from the front but i think it some delivery truck…haha…its in Finnish i think so i have no idea what it means yo! (yo is yes in Finnish but you MUST say it with the finnish accent! yea MUST!) I said yo for no reason, I know!

I just cant help it, the colours of the flower here are so WOW, Masyallah…it gives me the refreshing feeling everytime i see the colourful flowers here. I love it!

Wondering what this is?urm keep guessing…

Who is this? haha…even i dont know…i think he is the director or something and what was i listening to? I have no idea! We made a grand entrance since we were late and we came for no particular reason.

This is what it looks like a really cool place i should say…Its a shame it was like half full and it is the opening ceremony of the academic year 2008/2009.

Since everything was in Finnis, we were bored fast so that is D from Lithaunia.

That was the refreshment; cake and coffee… it looks quite nice and presentablke but most people just took the coffee…Its Finnish culture.

Yo! That was a funny ackward shot…haha…i sometimes have this crazy attack when some particular word will be in almost every sentence though it doesnt make sense.

That is us…this is not their first appearence so i need not say who they are…

A clearer shot here…

Ok speacial request again to see the train here and I was lucky enough to catch it since trains dont come by very often here; someone there, wants to give me project of taking photos of particular things. Yo boss!
I had a wonderful, wonderful time today after making a trip down to the railway station, I went to buy alot of groceries from the supermarket. To my surprise, it was 4 when i reached home and I have an appointment at 5pm with my Nigerian friends. I went to the kitchen to keep my stuff in the refrigerator where the Bulgarian girls having cereal in the middle of the day. I havent had a nice chat with them yet so i decide to do just that. Whenever i talk to them, I feel like im torturing them because theu try ver very hard to look for the right words and the right tense when conveying a message to me. They takle so much effort. I am like some idiot asking so many questions. But yea, they want to improve their english here so I am helping yo? haha
After the chat, i went to meet one of my Nigerian friends, A. We went to Sammonlathi by bus. We took the wrong bus so we had to go back to city center to take another bus. Nice chat about poligamy in Islam. When we reached Sammonlathi, we met up with a sister from Tanzania, S. She is a masters student in Lappenranta University and a mother of 5. She looked alot like Indian to me but well, a really nice lady. We clicked it off right away and we walked to another apartment about 5 minutes away; a friend of A and I. When we entered the house, there were like 3 guys and 3 ladies and we sat in the living room. A grandmother who was so warm and kind; she could not converse much with us but she tried to repeatedly. She kissed our hand despite her being older than us. I wonder.
I forgot to metion, I noticed the somaliam ladies wear super long hijabs that cover till their knees. After some time, i realised it is actually nice. So they dont need to wear hand socks and can wear whatever inside. I saw alot of these style in the Somalian mosque i visited in Helsinki.
So back to our host, the guys were only ones able to converse much in English. They were nice and i also noted that the Somalians looked closer to Indians as well. I think i would be able to differentiate the Africans soon. While sitting in the living room, they played some surahs from the Quran and it really reached deep down. I miss listening to it. And I felt ashamed among all of them present because each of them were reading together with the surah. I felt a little recognition but i didnt know which surah it was.
Since it was close to iftar so they asked us if we wanted to stay for iftar, and A said he would have to leave as he has guest at his home around 5 minutes away so we decided to leave. But we stayed anyway till iftar where we served in the kitchen like thosai with chicken soup. There was also yogurt with something which we could eat it with. Funny how our short companionship made me feel S is like my long time friend. It is the bond created by Islamhood I think. It just feels different and the difference between us is just so great. I spoke to one of the wifes; her name is Aisyah. She could speak little english but her english was clear without much accent. There is Suad and the mother’s name was Zaineb. We were served, water, dates, juice and tea. We were served samosa and like some fat bread also. Speaking of variety!
Another thing, when Suad was feeding dates to the little girl; the little girl tried to take it with the left hand but Suad pulled her hand back and then the girl tried to take it with the right hand and she got it. It is all the little things that is not missed in the upbringing of the children. Listening to ayahs from the quran…from young…i think it is great Masyallah.

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