12 Sep
It is like I am addicted to cooking. Well I have to be otherwise i wont have anything to eat. But I am enjoying it to the extent of thinking what to cook in class…I will have to plan because if I am back at my apartment, I would be too lazy to go to the supermarket to get something. This is my second attempt at Nasi Goreng and Alhamdulillah it is nice but i dont know why it cant be like my mum’s! Argh! Mine is always like basah-basah (wet)
It might not look nice to you but it is! It is bread pudding with peanut butter and raspberry jam. Since i had to make do with whatever I had, I had only those two as filling. I have so few cooking pots or plates to present this nicely unfortunately. My dear sis-in-law gave me this really simple recipe because she knows I am lazy( as her) haha …jk!
This was what accompanied the bread pudding. Mixed vegetable soup with brocolli and meat balls. The meat taste super good! It is instant but I made it into a ball. But yea this simple meal made me really full. Alhamdulillah. I think being so far from my mum, it is a wonder I can feel full after my personally prepared meal. But it will never be the same! I am guilty of thinking about food back home all the time here!
The day when I had a 8am class for the really ‘interesting class’ wonder why I can reach campus at 7.35am here but back home, I will probably be late.
In the attempt to take a picture in front of the business block but I think I cant use the photo for the purpose it was taken.

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