highlights of London

17 Sep
1. The escalators seem to be only existent like at so few places. Having to climb so many steps when you have travelled from so far. Finland is further than you think.

2. Travelling from Lappeenranta to Tampere via Lahti and Rihimaki starting my journey at 2.30pm and ending up in London Stansted airport at 1.30am. I lasted till 12am that day after a long sight seeing and chatting session. So I went for like so long without much sleep and rest. I dreaded my journey back and it turned out to be worse.

3. The machine beeped when i left one of the stores at Oxford centre and I didnt know what was causing it. After walking for a while, i realised it was the tag which i got when i went into the changing room. And i forgot to return it! Gosh…i went to return it to the security guard and he was so nice about it.

4. The fire alarm rang in the Piccadilly Backpackers at 8.45am and the whole place was vacated. I got a chance to see the fire brigade! It turned out to be a false alarm…

5. I was so overwhelmed when i went into Harrods where it was like a brands paradise. Even the toilet was so posh with like free hand lotion and perfumes. There was a water dispenser outside the toilet.

6. I met a really nice Finnish girl who coincidentally turned out to be my travelling companion.

7. THE discounts are really good! I got like water when i bought The Times and got Jamie Oliver DVD when i bought The Sun.

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