21 Sep
Wonderful time with my Nigerian friends and their Iranian housemate. I had iftar there and we had fish, for the first time eversince I went to finland. It was Salmon and served to you for the first time. It was a delicious meal and felt really full after 4 sandwiches filled with egg and onion with tomato and of course the delicious salmon. Had Milo which they can drink 4-5 cups of it at a time. They just love Milo!
Their housemate, an Iranian guy was a really humorous person and we had a fun conversation about Finnish culture, 5 star hotels in the prison, it seems that if you get drunk here and cant get home, the polisii here will get you and bring you to the prison and the next morning they will ask you to pay for the night spent at the “5 star” hotel i.e. the prison. He was jokingly asking me to saty in their spare bedroom which is fully furnished like a 5 star hotel.

He was asking what was the thing on the table which was a microwave and then they played along and said it is a television with all the international channels and the 2 buttons were for the channel and volume and there was a main button was to switch it on. It was crappy but funny. The Finnish jokes cant be shared here but really it can get you laughing till you roll on the floor.


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