nice meal

26 Sep
Fish curry was yesterday’s menu and I had a good 3 course meal. The good thing about cooking curry is I can not trouble myself in the kitchen for the next 2 days. I am a fussy person though, the 2 days must not be exactly the same so it was fried fish instead of curry fish. It was delicious! Maybe a little salty I must admit because I added a little too much salt but the fish curry somehow tasted more delicious than it did yesterday.
I even added Jemput2 which is fried banana with flour. I didnt know how to do it exactly (despite the simple lazy people recipe proudly prepareed by my sis-in-law) but tried anyway with the limited ingredients i had and frying it took a long time as I had a really small pan. It turned out to be alright and quite tasty but I felt really happy. I think cooking makes me happy!
One day is too much for all the realisations I have discovered some on my own and others enlightened by others. Besides that, 3 big matters are still on my mind. I used to tell my mum that my life wasnt as interesting as my uncle’s but now I know people dont seek for such lifes.

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