Supermarket day

27 Sep
I made a stop at this building where all the leaves has turned red…to me it is called the autumn leaves…I can feel winter approaching and i heard there is snow in northern Finland already!!!

Our first stop – Euromarket things are offered in greater variety.

Just the sight of nothingness i caught on the way…

This was a detour – Biltema. I wanted to buy some kitchen stuff. It was so empty on a Saturday afternoon. You will never experience this in Singapore. What do you expect in a country where there are only 5 million people.?

That was our main stop – Lidl where many said things can be much cheaper than normal and it was cheaper, just not too cheap! We were so lucky to get a ride back to the city centre from a kind Muslim who wanted to help. He was with 2 kids and he turned out to be the Imam of Lappeenranta mosque. Dont think further because I am back home safe and sound, I trust my judgement of people. My room mate who was with me is slowly realising that Muslims look out for each other. They make known of their existence to me and will want to help their fellow muslim no matter which country they come from. He is an Iraqi!

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