Eid for me

30 Sep
When I woke up for Fajr, I felt like going out to the balcony to stand for a while and soak up the peace…it was really cold…i dont know how to judge the temperature but it was almost zero i think. There was water vapour coming out from my mouth… I took the picture of the leaves which has turned red…it was so beautiful in autumn…now…

The sun peeking at 7plus am…

This view has been posted before but now, the view is slightly different…with the almost dying leaves…
I just wanted to breathe in the Eid air…i sound like a lunatic…but i was so excited to go for Eid prayer, the only thing to look forward to on Eid. I met Sister Sara again…I was extremely happy to see her! While we were takbiring, the Somalian sisters came with their mother-in-law and kids. Adorable duo! It felt great and after eid prayer, we had some refreshments and bade farewell. The takbir raya is so different. I wanted so much to hear the takbir since Fajr prayer. But still, the takbir was good. The khutbah was in arabic. The imam gave the instructions of how to pray Eid in English, Finniah and Arabic. I think he is arabic. He said some last words in English, that meeting 200 Finnish is not the same as meeting 1 muslim brother or sister. Hope you guys get the idea of how my Eid went though most of you havent even finish fasting…haha

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