simple day

4 Oct
I just wanted to show some green trees which are the few remaining ones among the leaveless tress…I look a little puffed up here…Maybe i have grown fatter because i eat my own cooked food.
Im beginning to enjoy this late Saturday mornings and lazing around for the rest of the day doing nothing much but today, I went to Lidl again. I really like it there and so does my room mate.
We would walk around 5 km there and stop at Euromarket again and got some stuff. Well Euromarket is considered to be slightly more expensive than S Market or K Market but they have random promotions for certain products. And this place is huge selling everything you need so I decided to get colgate 2 for 3 EUR and detergent for dishes also 2 for 3EUR. I was contemplating as I couldn’t remember the price of it at the other neighborhood markets.
I spent way more than I planned though but it was all worth it you know stuff I could keep for long and wouldn’t be wasted. I got some biscuits-could be useful on lazy days where I don’t feel like cooking or when I have to wait to defrost the food I want to eat.

Upon paying, I realized that the detergents were charged at 1.75EUR each instead of 1.50EUR the promotion price. I was told to go to the information counter and while waiting for my turn, I was contemplating again if I should just go since it was only 50 cents EUR. But then again, it is wrong and maybe they can correct the mistake for future customers.

So I went ,“Uh, I saw that this detergent is 2 for 3EUR but they charge me 1.75EUR for each. (was actually unsure if I saw the promotion for the correct product because it was in Finnish)

She hand signaled me, “a second please” and smiled as she made a call.

She then checked the products and confirmed with the person on the other line the exact name of the products“<<>>”

Still on the line, she scanned my Ajax again and returned me 3.50EUR saying sorry.

I was like, “Uh…but I still want these” pointing stupidly at the detergents and wondering if she understood what I was saying.

She said with a smile again, “ you don’t have to pay for these because we made a mistake.”

“Thank you!” I said excitedly as I walked away like I won something. It is also a marketing technique where the customer walkes away happy despite the error made by them and it is all forgotten only the bad experience turned good remains etched in my memory.

I don’t think this will ever happen to me in Singapore. During my stay here I picked up many advantages about staying here in Finland. But home will always be home.

I thought to myself once that after I get back to Singapore, National Day will never be the same again. I will feel it in my heart which always felt empty before I left her.

Went on to Lidle after Euromarket and spend on a few necessary stuff and some junk food. Main purpose of going there was to buy bread which has longer expiry date compared to the 3-4days only if i buy it from here.

My late lunch which is salad with cucumber and above are bread with fish finger i was trying to make and frech fries.


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