Eurotrotter journal: Frankfurt

10 Oct
Frankfurt main Am. Hbf. I dont know how to say it in German. Its another diffucult language. Argh all languages are difficult!

Streets of Frankfurt.
I wanted to rest so badly. After a restless night at the Skavsta airport the previous night, travelled by plane to Hahn.
Met a rather rude German lady from whom i bought a bus ticket to arrive at Frankfurt. From there, i had to take a metro down to central station. I was headed straight to the hostel so hoping to rest but was disappointed to hear i could check in after 3 hours.
It wasnt stated in the booking that check in was at 2pm but i didnt say anything, i left my bag there and wandered in the streets. There was si much to see. I saw an Asian market, many kebab stalls and many supermarkets selling halal meat which was like heaven to me. Unfortunately, i was not heading home after that otherwise i would have bought in bulk and dragged it home with me!
I wanted to sit somewhere so i bought some red tea from starbucks and sat outside which wasnt the wisest choice as it was super cold. I didnt expect Germany to be that cold.
I didnt know where they were heading to but i just had to snap a shot.

After taking a nice hot bath. Hot baths are the best after i went to Finland. I rested for a while and couldnt waste too much and headed to see the sights. Before that, serve my growling stomach with Donner teller from the kebab shop right next to my hostel. I just love kebabs! Yummy!!!

That is where the minister works, someone told me.

Very cute graphics at the traffic light where not many conform to the rules here in Germany. It says wait till its green. A friend translated for me.

The trams i caught sight of similar to those in Helsinki which were green. Here its red. I find it interesting. Havent taken any though.

I like the design of this building which i know not the name.

This is a palace i think.

This area had really interesting buildings which was an attraction as there were many tourists.

Must find someone i can trust to ask for help to take a picture of me.

I really old church which half of it is on renovation.

Its like a castle. I saw it when i was lost. So i saw everything in a day and without using the map which was useful but just got lost more than found my way around.

That is the view i caught as i was heading back after a long day of sightseeing in Frankfurt city.
I was so happy to see breakfast was great. To me it was but when i tell people, they thought it was buffet or something. Well it is a HOSTEL not a HOTEL. The location was perfect, right in front of the central station, in the heart of the city. The rooms were clean and toilet was in the room. I could store my luggage in the room for free before check in and after check out. Nice breakfast; i could have taken more if i wanted but this was enough to keep my going. It was also the cheapest hostel of my choice; an all girls dorm.

That is the beauty of Frankfurt; old buildings amongst skyscrapers.

Lucky enough to be in Frankfurt on a Saturday and got to visit the Flea Market! After asking many people, some even ignoring me for some weird unfathomable reason. I got a really nice German girl who told me the way there. I got there when it was almost time to close. After crossing a big brigde across the Mainz river, nothing compared to London brige though, i ended up on the other side. It is as its name, a flea market selling everything. The best deal i came across was VArta AA batteries. I bought the exact same one at the city for 5.95 euros and the man sold it to me at 1.50 euros at the flea market.

That is the view of the flea market, the whole long stretch.

A really huge cheese pretzel; she told me it was 2.50 euros and i was relunctant so she said 2 euros and i got it. I didnt know i could bargain for food as well.

This was lunch cum dinner as the cheese pretzel didnt last me that long. Yummy meal. I actually looked for like restaurant as i had to kill time. I sat there for like an hour and this meal was very feeling. I couldnt pass up the chance of seeing so many halal stores and not trying them. I always tell myself, its not everyday im in Germany.

1 Euro macdonalds cappucino which cheap skate me got so that i could sit there and rot for a few hours because i had till 10pm for my bus to Paris. It wasnt as boring as you would think so. There were many actors and actresses to watch.
Not one, not two but so many beggars came into macdonalds to ask for alms and some are dressed quite well. Not even one asked me but they asked everyone around me. I think its just i look different and well it is to my benefit, Alhamdulillah.
There was a mother, son and a little boy and they were an entertaining bunch. Th little boy was a spoilt brat! I hate brats!
There was a lone guy sitting across me like on another table and he had the same cup in front of him and he was sitting there as long as i was. Someone just came up to him and started talking and i looked at the person, the person stared at me. Its weird. Then when that person left, the guy was trying to control his laughter. The whole thing is so weird.
There was also a bunch of underaged punk girls; i got this from a couple of skater boys who bought 8 cheeseburgers and was eating one after another without any drink. There were conversing in old, wonderful english so i could eavesdrop..haha. They were talking about the punk girls.
Well…i saw more than that just in the one and half hour i sat there in the corner of Frankfurt Main Am Macdonalds.

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