Eurotrotter journal: Paris

13 Oct
On the way to Paris by bus. Quite a comfortable bus actually though it was a long journey from Frankfurt.

Paris’s metro. I guess metro everywhere is the same in Europe.
That is the metro station i got to. It was good to take bus so i dont have to take airport transfer.
I couldnt sleep despite not really sleeping for the night so i took a shot of the sunrise from my friend’s 5 th floor apartment.
Heroglyphics was our first stop in Concorde Square. That is me and Rachel.
Rachel. We were sitting in the Jardin du Toileries on a Sunday morning. It was a nice sunny day.
Walking towards the great Louvre.
The entrance of the Louvre. Look at the horses up there…
Louvre. You should know this if you know the Da Vinci Code.
Look at how big this painting is.It covers from ceiling to floor. There are so beautiful…
The great painting of Monalisa by Leonardo da Vinci. It wasnt east to get a nice picture of it with the swarm of tourist crowding there.
The amazing things about the ceilings which you must definitely not miss…you will be awed by them if u were there.
I took a photo of my sign-Taurus…
That was lunch. Museums were not my cup of tea but the Louvre was not to be missed. I was starving as we were wondering around so had to grab a bite somewhere. This was delicious. Rachel recommended it to me. I think she can be a tour guide already. I forgot the names of these food.
Arc de ‘Triumph.
La Defense. It looked so much like CBD in Singapore. So many shopping centres as well. Rachel and i sat there for a few hours before we headed into an empty shopping mall for dinner. Its Sunday and the common thing about Europe is most of the shops are closed early on weekends.
Dinner. I was still full after lunch so i packed the sandwich for later.
I told Rachel for the whole day that i didnt feel i was in Paris even after she brought me to so many beautiful places. So ungrateful right. We just exited the Champs-de Mars and the light of the Eiffel Tower wasnt on. As i was admiring the beauty of the eiffel without the lights on, the lights came on. It was a beautiful moment. I told Rachel, now i believe im in Paris.
This was stolen from Rachel’s blog as she hasnt sent me the photos we took there. Her camera captured the beauty of the Eiffel more than mine…still waiting for more pictures.
RER which is like the major metro. Its less frequent but faster to get to places as you can take shortcuts with this than the opther lines. Not all are double decked though.
Notre Dame Cathedral. It is a really old church and Rachel freaked me out with her stories of orbs. I went in at the entrance then quickly got out. I dont really like to enter places of worship because of some reason. Its not because im afraid or anything but just personal reason.
We were enjoying the Parisian lifestyle which was cafe or chocolat by the street as you watch the people go by.


Sacre Coeur which was just behind Rachel’s apartment. But to climb all the way up was very tiring…

This guy was like Rachel’s friend. He is really cute…funny actually.
The Parisian lifestyle…
This was Montmarte, many talented artists. Look at how real the potrait looks.
A bird’s eye view of Paris from the top of the stairs.
Where i got lunch for myself. Also recommended by Rachel. It felt good to be in Paris where French, a language i really like was spoken around me.
Paris is famous for its beautiful parks as well. Recommended by Rachel’s friend. I went there by myself. Parc des Buttes Chaumont.
That was late lunch. Delicious indeed. I sat on a hill as i watched people, children playing, families having picnic…
I was sitting right where those people were sitting now. I climbed up the hill and was looking for another spot for a change.
Near some waterfalls in the Park.
Its a blurry picture…there is a bridge somewhere if u look closer.
It was so enjoyable. So peaceful. Just sitting there, someone was playing his guitar, the scenery was…simply superb. The weather was perfect, it was getting colder though..
I wanted to visit the mosque and the only one i saw in the guide book but when i got there, it was rather creepy. So peopleless the streets were. Im not sure if it was open though.
Im not sure if this is the main entrance but i saw some arabic scriptures above this door.
this is for Azlina. I remembered your attachment was with this company right?
The metro station. It is different everywhere. In Germany, there is no specific entrance where you have to insert the ticket like there is here.
Rachel’s apartment building. I was leaving early in the morning to head to my next destination.
That is like wet tissue in the toilet cubicle in the Paris CDG Airport. I think its cool to clean the toilet seat.

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