Eurotrotter journal: Venice

14 Oct

I always refrained myself from spending unnecessarily on anything on flights but this time, i satisfied my craving for hot chocolate. It was well worth it.

This was my residence for a night and i went back all the way there, out of Venice to put my bag down otherwise i wouldnt be able to enjoy sightseeing.
I lived in one of those further to the right of the picture, like a cabin. I had it all to myself and it is kind of cheap also.
I was really angry! That stupid bus which comes like half hourly just zoomed past me, while i was looking at the bus in the opposite direction because i was unsure. Argh! But i didnt have anything to do with the crack in the galss in my background. No seats at the bus stop somemore!
Back to Venice. Where anyone who want to take a ride on the Gondola can go. I didnt bother, it is super expensive.
If you see properly, you can see someone at the window of that building, its where the locals live…walking was the best way to soak in Venice.
Grabbed a super large piece of super thin pizza. It was delicious. When the guy gave it to me, i was like uh? How to eat?( in my head) then sat down and slowly ate. Then a saw a girl came in, got a piece and walked out eating it on the way. Because it was super big, i was thinking how clumcy i will look with one big piece of pizza in my hand.
The Grand Canal.
Many small alleys and bridges overlooking the river.
Some place selling soe art stuff. It just look very nice.
GONDOLAS!!! Some really very well decorated like meant for kings and queens.
One of the many churches again. I see a church at every turn.
Piazza San Marco. That man is not my friend. He was the extra there.
What i find very irritating is the renovation work at so many of the old building i have visited in here and Frankfurt as well.
Common design of most buildings there.
I was so tired so i decided to take the water bus back to Piazzale Roma. It wasnt so late but was starting to get dark. THAT in the background is another church.
I was standing at the railings of the boat. It was a wonderful ride.
Do i need to say more? You can what is this. I saw so many beautiful sunsets that i got tired to take more at the end of my trip.
The moon out so early. Just …
That is the bus stop or should i say water bus stop.There are many lines as well.
I bought milk called Latte. And water. The rest were from Finland.
Since i walked all around already. Decided to visit the islands. I met a very nice German couple at the bus stop and they told me about the Torcello island. It was a long journey. The water bus could only go at 20km/h and sometime 7 km/h. That is super slow. I had to take 3 boats to reach that island after like 2 hours.
The ruins of a once erect building.
Water sign? There were others with the speed limit.
Alas. here…
This is the old church. I peeked in only. Personal reasons. Since i was alone, no one could question my decisions. Hahahaha….
They sold scarves and other touristy stuff there. I like the Italian accent. Rather a random comment here.
Really wanted to visit the Jewish museum. Turned out to be closed but i sat around there for a while since i walked around alot to find it alas with a really nice girl’s help.
Old Ghetto.
A nice post card which showed most of what i saw in Venice.
Resting. Waiting for time to pass. Was carrying my bag all around today.

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