mellow day

27 Oct
Despite the mellowness of my day, the flow of events caused an uplift in my mood towards the end of the day, Alhamdulillah.

1-Have you heard that many people go into depression during winter because they don’t see sunlight some days? IT IS NOT EVEN WINTER YET!

2-And so I decided to get out of the house though there is really nothing much to do here, in dear ol’Lappeenranta. I actually googled for places to go and not surprised to find nothing except museum which I have been to.

3-Since the supermarket has become my favorite place of late, I had a thought to take a short walk there BUT guess what?
People in Lappeenranta do not go to the supermarket on Sundays. We had to walk further down to like another market down the street. Actually, we didn’t need to go to the market for any specific purpose but wanted to get CHOCOLATE. Another of my cravings of late.

4-Another really funny thing is when we were dressed up in our coats and all, we realized it was RAINING. Not the weather you want to go out in. It didn’t stop us though, with our umbrellas and forgetful me didn’t wear my gloves. We were walking with our umbrellas almost parallel to our bodies against the very strong wind. My Singapore umbrella will not withstand the wind much longer, sadly. Remember the advertisement of the candy thing you can take to stop smoking and the crazy guy holding an umbrella, going out in the heavy downpour just so he can smoke. We looked like that. (get the picture?)

5-The harbour which was soulless! Maybe human less is a better choice of words. It is a nice quiet place and has a different feel at night. Not only the harbour was human less but the streets were quite like that as well.

6-The sky was pitch dark at 6pm. Not a surprise but there is also something different today. The timing actually weird, my prayer times are fast forward by an hour and that normally doesn’t happen even though Maghrib is around 5.30pm nowadays. Today, it is 4.26pm. The best time to fast man! Haha…

7-When we came back, it was only 7.15pm. Felt like 9pm. We couldn’t stay long outside also because it was very cold. My hands were freezing! Then she checked the news and actually today is the day when the timing should be adjusted to 1 hour back. Meaning it was 6.15pm only. It is in all of Europe.

I felt a whole lot better after that freezing walk outside and laughing and chatting. If we were in the room, we would just use our laptops without talking much except sometimes. We do share those long sharing sessions where we would exchange about our countries and family…etc…


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