Santosh Subramaniam

3 Nov
I just had esctasy!
I really miss tamil movies! And this was GREAT!!!!!!!
(maybe im exaggerating but it made me feel really good!)

Thanks Reyas!!! You’re the greatest, making me watch the movie.
I think i know why you like it so much, because it resemble you and her right?
It really does, but dont “tittu”* her so much k?
I hate to see her sad, whatmore pains me to see her cry.

* is a tamil word. No translation necessary ecxept for the person it is targetted at.

Well for those who dont understand tamil and wont watch it, urm actually this is a typical tamil love story but the plot is a little crappy. HOWEVER, tamil movies have a speciality to send home a message which is not necessary related to love. In this movie, the love plot was great as in the lead actor/actress falling in love, though again quite typical but dont we all love the natural thing? the happy ever after? Well being a typical girl, i love it too! You know, sometimes you just want to watch a movie which makes you feel happy. To bring you into the world where love is blissful and ends happily. For instance i would watch Music & Lyrics instead of Matrix.

Back to tamil movies, speaking of typicality, the fighting scenes, not so much so a plus point for this movie.

The message to bring across is LISTEN TO YOUR CHILDREN! Haha…instead of telling them what best to do all the time because what they want matters more and it might not be the best that they want. Urm…confusing? read slowly or watch the movie! haha…dont understand? Urm too bad?

One thing which for me shows the director really hit the jackpot is if it can make me cry. They always do since im too sensitive so im not a good gauge but well this movie has moderate emotional ranking. Lastly, its ability to create a tingly feeling at my fingertips, it is upper level sensitivity and this movie managed that as well so thumbs up! If you dont get this part its ok!


ps. please! please! please! Do not relate tamil movies to dancing around trees because it is not true. hahaha….:)


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  1. tamil cinema December 22, 2010 at 1:35 pm #

    I enjoy reading tamil cinema news!!

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