international buffet: Russia

12 Nov

It was on impulse that made us attend this months’ international buffet; themed Russia.

the restaurant

the restaurant


Uncomfortable at first at the thought of being one of the few in the school restaurant which was the learning environment for ‘Laselle’ students of Saimaan University, we hoped more people would turn up. But really the hosts were rather warm and hospitable towards us.


After the clock went tick tock tick tock, the pastor came over and made himself comfortable at our table. The conversation warmed us up a little with a little water to wet our throats before it was time to start dinner.


First, appetizer was beetroot soup with meat but I got the vegetarian version with carrot I think. Honestly it was delicious, wishful thinking: if only I could make such a delicious soup.


Main course was up next; golden brown potato with hot gravy served with minced meat and vegetable. We had the option of taking vegetable; beetroot and zucchini salad as a side dish. I think I’m falling in love with beetroot. The vegetarian version though to me was nice also with carrot which to A looked not very appealing. 


Halfway through our dinner, some guys came in and I recognized on of them as the Iraqi guy whom I met when I went for iftar in my friend’s place. He was with more guys whom I assume are from the University of Lappeenranta. I cant really remember his name but he was nice enough to come over to greet me.


A Russian singer who have been living in Finland for 10 years now was invited to entertain us with her lovely voice accompanied by the music of her guitar. Songs sung in the war and in bliss were some of the songs she sang. Reflection: how was it for those who lived in war? I cant imagine. 


When we thought it was time to leave, Minna, the lady who invited us came along announcing it was time for some interactions.


We were divided into groups of 5 to 6 and introduced ourselves to one another. Amongst my group mates were a Russian guy, Finnish guy, Iranian guy, Utopian guy and Russian lady who was the singer. It was a rather simple game of making alphabets with people.  


The very common tree, squirrel and fire game has a different version here in Finland. Called knight & Queen, Prince & Princess and Horse & rider. So we had to find a partner and do whatever we were instructed to do. It was a little crazy for me and everyone I think but I should have got out of the game quickly.


We actually learned to thank the singer in all the languages of all the people who were there; Russian-Speciba, Finnish-Kiitos, Lithuanian-Achoo, Italian-Gracietz, Persian, Turkish, Utopian; and Tamil. I chose to say it in Tamil and not in Malay, I wonder why.

Russian singer
Russian singer




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