I absolutely need a change!

14 Nov
Mid life Crisis

Mid life Crisis

This is like a mid-life crisis for me only, i’m not really at the middle of my life or i could be depending when i am destined to leave this world.

Thus i decided to come up with a list of things to achieve in the near future or so i hope.

1) Improve my cooking and baking.

I think i bake terribly but my flat mates always say it is tasty, just not presentable you know. Dont get me wrong, i cook quite badly as well because i know im the only one going to eat it and no one is going to judge me. I am really interested in making something with beetroot though, my new found favourite vegetable and i know it is extremely good for the blood so all the better.




2) I have to start serious thinking about my future in terms of education.

I always start thinking then divert my mind towards something else which is more current. Can’t blame me right? I feel like a confused kid, don’t know what to do. Argh! Actually i never had any idea with regards to this matter so not much difference.

3) Future plans

This constitutes many various matters, on hand and off hand. (separate post will cover this aspect) 

fit004) Lose the tummy! Get Fit.

Anyone want to make a team to play a certain sport? Like net ball, basketball, tennis, badminton etc. Open to suggestions and would welcome anyone to play in Toa Payoh. Haha…i will be flexible maybe play in school, NYP. Anyone is welcome but serious people who are really willing to form a team.

This would be hitting 2 birds with a stone; got to clear physical recreation as well.

5) Healthy body leads a healthy mind.

So got to start eating more carefully and eat apple daily. This is one of the best ideas because apple has millions of goodness. ( will cover this in another post just like bananas)

6) Get a job!

Been lazing around here too much, eat on my bed while watching movie on internet, eat chips, ice cream here…yummy! Going out mainly to buy food. All these got to stop! I need something to fill my time but i think i wont be so free when im back in my homeland. We shall see…when im going to enjoy my hoilday, my dear friends would be mugging for exams…haha!

Wish i can work here. My butt I am is itching to do something productive.

7) Religiousity

Got to maintain that normal curve at its peak at least instead of a trough in the religion department of my life.

8) Travel!!!!!!!!!!

Find more khakis to go with me, sis in law kind of not really dependable now that she is marriedbusy. Both friends are still tangled in their owns messes which im unable to do anything about. But im not talking travel anytime soon though…in the future. I miss home too much to travel more.

Not to forget the expedition which i have to complete before March. This is really important. 

Remarks: I think this list is not really useful because i included most of the issues most girls would include, i.e. lose weight, eat healthy…

Nonetheless, it should get me started off.


One Response to “I absolutely need a change!”

  1. nisa November 17, 2008 at 3:24 pm #

    hey parvin! i missed you so much! catch up with me real soon!

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