the most amazing tour

22 Nov

Im not going to keep my avid readers in suspence like the other trips i went on and reveal everything when i get back because i cant contain it. This trip is the best so far and it’s not even ended yet. Not a single regret the places i planned to visit, though of course more adventure and risk and money loss and heart ache because of that but i get over easily as i find beautiful things to be awed at in the next few hours.

Sarajevo is known as the city where the winter olympics took place in 1984. Then after few years, that was forgotten and now people remmebr it as the place where war took place ever so recently. I find that very impactful because it means the young people still living here were present during the war. Imagine the impact on them. on thier childhood or teen years.

To be continued…

In Budapest i visited this museum… i will talk about it another time.   

To be continued another time…


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