i cant express all that i feel

23 Nov

I’m overwhelmed with the amount of information im receiving especially in BiH; the war stuff, the feelings you gather from the people, the amazing place with the amazing people, people i met there from all over. This was definitely worth the effort travelling all the way from Finland. Sarajevo was beautiful and Mostar is less touristy so it’s little better. The bus journey was managable, not too long but gosh so worth it!!!!!!

The view is increduslously amazing. I travelled through mountains…woah! Beyond words really.

Travelling during the non-seasonal period has its benefits and disadvantages all the same. But in Mostar, I got this really wonderful hostess who is the owner of the hostel and it was recommended by another wonderful Bosnian in Sarajevo who is also the owner of the hostel there. But since she was quite free and very nice also; she brought me around the old town and i even went to her home for dinner after having chocolate coffee and chocolate cream cake with her friend. Before that i had coffee in the hostel… drinking too much coffee. Yesterday i was treated to Bosnian coffee which was really strong by a sweet Bosnian girl. So there is so much activity…

I had a chat with a few girls in the dorm …i can go on and on but i will safe some for when i get back to dear ol’Lappeenranta.


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