now i know what she meant

25 Nov

When i met a New zealander in Frankfurt, she told me she had been travelling alone but has never been alone. I didnt get her meaning but now i do.

Im travelling alone but i met so many people from all the world. For instance yesterday in Mostar, i was walking and enjoying the beauty, there us a special effect when walking in the cobbled streets of old town. Just sitting on the the stone wall, watch as the emerald river go by under the crooked bridge which hold so much memories, good and bad for the locals.

So, as i was saying…i was walking looking for an atm machine because i was out of cash then suddenly this lady who brought me to my hostel in Sarajevo 2 days ago appeared in front of me. She was with a group of people which included a Japanese guy. This lady, Yasmina, said he is the guy you were in the train with, trying to provoke my memory of him saying that he is from Japan. But i was with a Hong Kong and Canadian guy and this guy looked so different from that guy.

Then the Japanese came along as he was unsure what was happening as well. Then i explained to him that it is a case of mistaken identity on her part. He asked where i was from, said he was in Singapore for 5 days. She invited me to join them for coffee as they were heading to that. He urged me to join them if i had nothing to do. I declined as i had no money and had to withdraw. 

And so i went on my business and eventually headed to Kulluk Restaurant where Majda, the lady who owns the hostel im living at suggested to serve godd trought fish. I entered and the lady asked me if she could help and in Bosnia, people smoke in air conditioned places as well. Kind of used to it already, some men were in the first level smoking. She said there is more space upstairs. As i headed upstairs, guess who i met…(i cant find many symbols on this keyboard) 

The Japanese guy and a group of people and they invited me to join them. Interestingly…they were so warm and welcoming…well it is the nature of travellers. And so the Japanese guy wennt ahead and introduced me to all of them, a Canadian guy, a French guy who is a photographer, a Romanian guy who worked with the Japanese guy, a Swiss girl who is just a traveller and a Polish girl. I thought they were like travelling together but turned out they all randomly got together in Sarajevo and travelled to Mostar for a day.

I had lunch while they had breakfast and we planned to go to Blagaj together after that. I had to return to the hostel to get directions there from Majda so they said they wont leave without me. Imagine that and they just met me. 

It wasnt that far but i went on the wrong side and ended up on the Bosnian side and walked a long way eventually reaching after 40minutes, instead of 10 minutes. Happens alot to me though.

And so we rushed to go to that waterfall and they are such a fun bunch of people. I had so much fun and had exchanged lots of ideas about Bosnia, religion, our lifes. We had Cevapi after we got back from Blagaj.

How some of us was connected was through the woman called Yasmina but we all know her by different names. Funny. Fate brings people together in the most unexpected ways.

Now i can say the same, i travel alone but never feel lonely. On my previous trip, i was alone mostly but this time…never. Alhamdulilah. 


3 Responses to “now i know what she meant”

  1. Pooja November 28, 2008 at 2:16 pm #

    “Fate brings people together in the most unexpected ways.”-Love your this sentence….Missing you!!! Take care and happy touring 🙂

  2. Azlina November 29, 2008 at 12:14 pm #

    Wow! They are soo friendly there? wooh.. Singaporeans pun tk friendly mcm gitu… Lucky u! and so far i never heard sgt eh they discriminate org pakai tudung ke.. hmm cool country…

  3. crazylaughter November 29, 2008 at 3:40 pm #

    Pooja, Miss you too! Thanks alot..glad to be back at least to my temporary home.

    Azlina, yeap that they are…travellers are somehow more open and reach out to other travellers in a different way. Alhmadulilah not but well im used to getting stared at even here in Finland. So just think you are special that is why they look at you. Haha…

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