Eurotrotter journal: Milan

29 Nov
I went from the airport to the Central Station. When we were landing in Milan, we went over the Alps; it was so beautiful. I was totally awed…seeing the alps for the first time.
In Milan, there is not much to see…well i went to the station which was huge, there is like a flea market for christmas maybe, there is also the famous Dom which is so overwhelmingly huge.
I also had some pastry with something sweet inside. Umm…delicious and my all time favorite kebab from a Turkish restaurant in this small town near Milan. Time flew…
I met someone who brought me around and we had a good time. Milan will always be remembered differently. The people we meet always have an impact on us, no matter how big or small. Much happened. I left for the airport at 11pm to wait for my morning flight.

One Response to “Eurotrotter journal: Milan”

  1. erneelya December 2, 2008 at 9:58 am #

    How’ve you been?
    You’re being missed!!
    and milan. castle. so FUN!

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