Eurotrotter journal: Tales of Bratislava

30 Nov

Im sure the avid readers of my blog, my dear friends, have heard of how 45 Euros was ripped off me by that tram control officer! I could have dealt with the situation differently after thinking over it but at that time, in that situation, all you can think of how stupid you were, not thinking straight. Even the airport issue where I had to pay for check in baggage, I could have dealt with that better also after telling people my story, and hearing their ideas if how I could have not paid.


BUT I strongly hold on to the belief that what is meant to be your will be and what is meant to go somewhere else will. To put it simply, the money which I lost here and there during this trip especially, was maybe to make up for those times I tried to cheat the system in some countries to save money, despite it being wrong. I’m no angel, my dear friends know that.


Like in Venice, I didn’t pay for the water boat on the second day because it was so expensive, 6.50 euros for one ride. Imagine, I took like 6 boats. That is just one country, if I continue, it will take a long time. I’m guilty but when you are on budget trip, you try to save as much as you can and it is Allah’s way of showing me that I will have to part with the money anyway in other ways where it is more painful.


I just read an email about this 90/10 principal where 10 percent of things happen and the 90 percent is the consequence of how you react to it. Well I’m not really able to explain just understood it in my head. I guess it is how you deal with situations which out you on the spot that determines how you end up. If I let that bother me at the first destination, Bratislava, I would not be able to enjoy the rest of my trip.


Secondly, as mentioned I met so many people on this trip, one of them being this Japanese girl, Y.


Met her in the hostel and we had a wonderful nice chat, I don’t know how else to describe it. Its funny how it is always so interesting to talk to a stranger for the first time and you can hit it off, end up talking for hours.


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