Eurotrotter journal: Tales of Milan

30 Nov

Happened in Milan airport as well, when it started with a simple question like;


Me: do you know if any shops were open? ( it was 12am and she was reading a book and I thought the fastest way for time to fly is to read a book)

She: Urm… I am not sure because I cant leave my stuff ( she had so many things with her)

Me: ohh ok thanks.

She: I have nutella. ( asking earnestly, she thought I was hungry and wanted to buy food)

Me: Ohh its ok thanks anyway.


After a few hours, she reading away, me writing away.

Around 2.30am

I was hungry and I always bring this bag full of fruit, milo packets, cereal and chocolates and some biscuits. If I ever get hungry or anything, I’m safe. I learnt this from my dear sis-in-law.

Back to being hungry, I thought, I should get an orange. And so I dug into my bag and pulled out an orange.

Me: Should I offer to her and orange too? (the girl next to me)

Myself: Urm, but I only have a few and I this is only the beginning of my trip.

Me: Ohh come on, don’t be such a stingy idiot! It is just an orange.(I always have to chide myself)

The smell of the orange was so strong and juicy that im sure 10 people close to me could smell it.


And so….

Me: Do you want an orange?

She: No thank you. Im ok. ( with a smile)


After a few seconds, she spoke to me and time flew so much faster. It was soon 4.40 and time to check-in.


2 Responses to “Eurotrotter journal: Tales of Milan”

  1. Eleanor December 1, 2008 at 11:08 am #

    Hey Parvin!

    How have you been? The places that you have visted are so beautiful… Make me miss those days in europe! Now in S’pore, we are all so busy with school work before our two weeks term break… Btw, when will you be coming back?

  2. crazylaughter December 1, 2008 at 11:13 am #

    Hey Eleanor, Im ok just tired. Well thanks im sure you’ve seen those beautiful places as well. I miss Singapore so much but not the school load there. Im coming back in mid January only. Time flies much faster when you have loads of things to do.

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