My dream

7 Dec

I feel so alive now that I suddenly came across some links i’ve saved 5 months back. While i was still in that habit of blog hopping and reading for hours at times, i came across a blog of someone who is pursuing —— in —–. I did leave a comment with my questions but didnt receive any reply after some time.

The dream didnt fade away like most dreams but as time went by, i felt the praticality of such a dream weaker. But i was still determined to do it. My love for it has not died after quite a long time.

And so i was clearing some stuff in my laptop, i found the links again and i read with mounting interest in the subject matter. I would like to pursue my dreams next year if possible but life doesnt just revolve around me to just decide on things and do them! Unfortunately…

But the fire is in me again!!! Im looking for someone to pursue it with, it could be someone or anyone who has the same interest as me. I honestly dont think i can do this alone or at least, it would be hard to manage alone. I really hope it will come true…

Im just being me by being secretive. I never or try not to reveal anything which is not certain until maybe it has happened. So when the time comes and when more things come to light, i will reveal it. I wonder even why im blogging about this then if im not saying anything much about it. I just had to get something out.

It is just one dream in my dream list. Not exactly a dream i should say but what i wish to achieve in my life, in the near future.


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