Wonderful morning

11 Dec

Im indeed extremely happy for a simple morning.

I woke up early to go to school with my room mate. I didnt really need to go but i made some reason to go.

We were going down our building from 3rd floor to second floor where;

a handphone was left in the corridor with a black piece of glove(one side) and another glove few centimetres away

the door of that apartment was wide open, we could see no sign of anyone at all

the toilet door looked open and just inside the door, was a man’s pants which was removed in a rush

a few more clothes strewn around

the light to the apartment was on

It looks to me like a crime scene.

So many thoughts ran through my criminal mind.

My room mate said we should get going, in her opinion, it is just a drunk behavior gone bad.

I asked her, how if he is dying or something? She said no.

Snow was thick!

Such a plesant thing to walk in, snow all over, felt like i was walking on cushion. I bored A with my this and that like a kid.

I went on and on about how it felt to good,

and wow so much snow, heaps of them

and ohh it is so nice that snow is falling as we were walking

and how my footsteps were imprinted in the snow….

Gosh i think she was happy we reached school because i couldnt shut up about snow. Hahaha i will apologise later 🙂

Im like quite popular in poly but here, people look at me with curioustiy and … but today, i said hi to so many people. It always feels good like you have friends all over. If i counted, today is record high of 7-8 people. In just less than an hour.

As i walked home, i reached my apartment and to my surprise, the apartment on the second floor is still as it was when we left around an hour and half ago. I didnt know the number to the police here. If i were in my own country, i would have called the police. Better mind my own business.


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