Freedom, what we take for granted

12 Dec

I was reading an article about a Turkish woman, Kavakci, Im not a very political person so only now i know about her story. You can get it here.

Just imagine yourself in her position, how strong would we be, to fight against the government. Would you give up your belief when YOU are stripped of your citizenship? Masyallah. Allah give her strength. She is indeed a strong woman.

Secondly, we dont appreciate our freedom when we have them. In Singapore, we complain about the amoun of freedom we have is inadequate. Wake up people! Look around the world.

When i was in Bosnia, someone told me to be a Muslim in Europe is not easy because of the culture. I think it depends how strong a muslim you are. In Turkey, they ban the adonning of the hijab, that is direct form of NO freedom. Though fighting against temptation is harder, temptation is everywhere.

In Finland, i dont think im facing any problem at all except the fact that people do look at me like i only have ‘one eye’. I always use that term. People are jsut curious but they treat me very well, Finnish are really nice people honestly.


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