Home alas but…

23 Dec

My body is aching like i just did my napfa, fact is i just reached home after travelling for 28 hours.

It wasnt non stop but i didnt have much proper rest in between like while transitting in Frankfurt or the 12 hour flight home.

Euphoria at having to finally reach home. While waiting patiently at the belt 16 for my bag to come out so that i could go out and hug my mum and never let go, an uncomfortable thought came to my mind. What if it didnt come out? I shook it off.

It never came.

I reported it missing. It’s status is now being tracked.

I walked out calmly as i saw the 4 people waiting for me, friends and family. Tears streamed down my cheeks, chubbier than when i left. I didnt feel how i was supposed to feel because my thoughts were jumbled with the missing baggage and alas reaching home. I brushed against the rough unshaven cheeks of my brother. N came forward to give me a comforting hug, followed by R, her always smiling face made me feel better. She is always happy, good for you 🙂

N suggested i sat d0wn for a while while i caught my breath. My dear A called as soon as i touched down and R, couldnt come on time. Bro number 1 came and i gave him a warm hug. After chatting, we headed home.  

As i sat on the rocking chair, tears rolled down again. I couldnt control how i felt. I didnt know what to do. My mum asked why, i said what i truly meant, i didnt know.

I just continued to cry till i find the reason why; think i found it.

Hope i’d find the luggage that easily too 🙂


2 Responses to “Home alas but…”

  1. nisa December 24, 2008 at 11:00 am #

    i’ll be back soon! to start disturbing you again! =D HAHAHAHAHA! till then rest well and enjoy the holiday season!

  2. erneelya December 29, 2008 at 3:59 am #

    you’re back? and you didnt contact us?
    o no.. have you found the luggage? o oh.

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