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Protected: future???

31 Jan

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Naluri manusia

31 Jan

I am always a very cautious person, so afraid to let my thoughts out. Secretive to the extent of extreme. Mainly the reason why i swopped to wordpress because of the private post/ password protection option. I know hacking is easy for some but if they read my private thoughts, what can i say?

Everyone needs an avenue for their private thoughts or they just coop it up within themselves and add on to their worries and problems. This ‘worries’ hill will become a volcanic mountain one day and need i say more of what will happen then?

I have always kept a diary, since a long time ago because i wanted to be able to read it when my past slowly become a blur to me; with the passing years. Like i recalled something which happened and i wanted to verify the truth in the thought but couldnt find an entry about it in dear old diary. I guess it is fated to be that way. We wonder sometime, is it really worth it? Keeping a diary, do we really have time to read it?

Now, i would like to go on to some of my private thoughts…so ciao!


31 Jan

We should stop complaining about the weather in Singapore. People in the other parts of the world are facing extreme weathers. In todays straits times; the online version on top was

SYDNEY: Up to 22 people died in heatwave conditions in Adelaide yesterday as southern Australia continued to wilt under another day of temperatures above 40 deg C.
below was
CADIZ (KENTUCKY): Storm-battered residents of several southern US states hunkered down in frigid homes and shelters on Thursday, expecting to spend at least a week without power and waiting in long lines to buy generators, firewood, groceries and bottled water.
Wonder what the world is coming to…

Attractive to be sinful

30 Jan

Im afraid to quote any Quranic verse because i dont feel good enough to do so. Insyallah in the future.

For now, it’ll just be my thoughts.

I used to wonder, my bro’s part time job is good and it was with that job which he earned the hantaran money etc for his wedding. I thought everyone could do that if they wanted to earn money fast. Like a friend, he really need to earn money fast to cover his debts BUT he cant do the job due to some circumstances.

My point being, some things are just meant for some and not meant for others. If everyone wants to work the same job, other jobs will be vacant. Some people rise in life, some people stumble over debts and struggle with the troubles which life present them.  Is it a matter of choice or are they making mistakes to cause them to remain in the vicious cycle?

I dont know. For example, Islamic banking. A friend asked me what card he should get from OCBC so i told him to change to Al-wadiah account and use the normal debit card.

If we are not talking about the religious aspect of Islamic banking which is clean and halal money, monetary benefits include having dividends which amounts to more than the sum of the interest. I said, you asked for my advice but you dont want to heed it why? Im not saying what i say is definitely true, but rest assured true to the best of my knowledge.

He said, he wants more benefits. Human, we know what we are doing is wrong YET we want to do it. Foolish it may seem, wordly-benefits blind us.

Another thing, we dont seem to realise the importance of earning halal money. Not just halal job is adequate to ensure the money you earning is halal. The time you waste at your workplace to browse the internet, go and upload photos on facebook etc. That is not halal. The personal stuff you print at work? That is using the company’s resources not? Alot of stuff actually…

simple day out

26 Jan

I will let the pictures do the talking because im lazy to type. Haha!

Our day started in the evening, on a bad note. Not only BG relationship need to be maintained but friendship as well. As we grow older, we move apart. Friendship might not break but friends just drift apart and that is the way it is.

Let’s hope things get better.





Uncertainty in life

24 Jan

Ahh… i always enjoy reading blog…always in detail. Meaning no matter how long the post i will take time to read. I think due to my keponess to know more about people’s lives. Been reading alot about people living overseas. Can learn alot truly.

Sometimes though, it can make sensitive me think too much. To the extent of being worried.


24 Jan

I think it has to do with the sub-conscious.

I usually wake up at 6 plus for my morning prayer and Alhamdulilah so far, i have been able to wake up with the help of my alarm, despite the late nights i stay up doing unnecessary things.

Yesterday however, i slept a little earlier than usual BUT i didnt wake up when my alarm rang at 8am. I was supposed to be somewhere at 9am. My mum barged into my room at 9.30 and asked me, i thought you have work? I screamed and jumped out of bed!

This is not the first time, though. Haha…it happens one in a blue moon. I didn’t hear my alarm at all, was i that tired? I wonder of what.

My mum felt so guilty, even though it is not her fault. I’m not like another person in my house, who will blame my mum for not waking him/her up if he/she overslept. It is one’s responsibility.

A team memoir

23 Jan

It is weird, i feel off.

I dont know why, i had lots of fun in Ateam – mostly due to the company. Nisa brought me in and she was the cause of all that i experienced. She made me participate in events, camps…etc. For that im thankful.

Through ateam, i met many wonderful people; those who brought laughter and joy. Pooja, an endearing soul. Rachel, i always thought of her as someone who brings laughter to those around her. Azlina, someone who actually carry much more meaning to her exterior and she allowed me in. Farah and loving people. Many more whom i have made contact, no matter how big or small, they still matter.

Ohh not forgetting the sarcastic Shamsul. The zoo gang was the best! Best times :))

Someone is missing another group photo.

Someone is missing another group photo.


As for some today’s photo…


Another photo…Gloria, sweet girl 🙂


Difficult issue

22 Jan

Hijab issue is always one which causes many to ponder…

Why? Why not?

The videos – episodes from Everywomen.


One thing i really disgree with the hijab fashion today; the style which just covers the head and wearing necklaces and earrings and accessories. The pure purpose of covering up is not to attract attention. It is hard, im not saying you should do it all at once but slowly correct your way of covering up. The religion is not difficult, just simply beautiful.

Firstly, was the journalist who started wearing recently, Alhamdulilah. She made a lot of good points; compulsion = replusion. By forcing them to wear, makes them feel like repelling the idea. The main thing which caused her to change her mindset and give a go ahead with hijab is…try to catch it in the video.

How the hijab helped her? This question was answered well.

I really salute the girl who said she might be a niqabi one day, and of course sister Myriam, who is already a niqabi. Masyallah. I dont know if i can do it. Im still researching the need for it.

She third girl in the second part of the video, she mentioned that she took too much time to get ready. Honestly, i think it is much much faster for me with the hijab. One thing is for sure, no bad hair days!

The underlying fact remains that; if you want to do something, no matter the odds, you can do it. If you dont want to do it, you’d find reasons to not do it.

“Dont judge a religion by its followers but instead study the religion itself and judge for yourself.”

Nora mentioned that, she didnt want to be part of the hijabis, im not being bias but no one is saying hijabis are perfect. As human as you and i are; flaws are only normal. She also mentioned towards the end of the video that hijabis wear it for different reasons, urm who cares? ( dont want to contradict myself here; if you want to wear it, you dont have to look at other people’s wrong reasons for wearing them – hard to express my point here)

 Do you wear certain clothes for certain reasons? To be part of this community? How about those hijabis who are in some parts of the world, what community do they belong to? Or do they wear the hijab to belong to a certain community?

I have nothing against her; just some of her idealogies. She did mention some valid points about the reasons why some girl choose to don the hijab. One need to get out more to broaden ones perspective.

An Intelligent Diet

22 Jan

We normally read all these health tips, plan to follow but we stop there as life’s business gets to us. It is long forgotten till we see tips again. So make this time different and plan for ur health regime!

Boost your brainpower by feeding your brain ‘brain foods’. Here are 4 tips for an intelligent diet:

1. Balance your glucose – it provides fuel for your brain. Try to eat carbohydrate foods in the evening as it promotes relaxation and sleep.

2. Eat essential fats – ensure your diet is rich in omega-3 fats found in oily fish.

3. Include plenty of protein rich foods in your diet. Proteins are essential to make neurotransmitters which are vital for the thinking process. Try to eat a protein based lunch to optimise your mental performance and alertness throughout the day.

4. Eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals to ‘fine tune’ your mind.

5. Drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day to keep your brain well hydrated.

6. Oxygenate your brain by exercising and eating little and often. Eat your main meal before 7pm.