travel stories

6 Jan

Singapore was the best only when i was overseas. Some people are just more of a traveller than others. Not meaning me but i do have a deep passion for travelling, my sis-in law too! I have kaki!!! We have passion and we fuel the passion, not sit on it, that is how we are different from those ‘travellers’ who say they intend to travel but…

Well i was just reading this book which accounts the tale of Ibn Battutah. He started off his journey from his homeland, Tangier at the age of 21, with the pure intention of doing his pilgrimage in Mekkah and visit the prophet’s place in Medinah. He met many queer, special people who welcomed him as a guest in their home. There was also no less people whom he met and travelled with all the way towards Sind, India and China (Peking). He covered Europe, Asia and Africa.  Amazing journey.

There is this travellers fund which travellers such as him could rely on in most countries. Cool right…not so sure how it works though.

I just read the beginning and i kind of lost interest. Maybe i should still persist. Yes i should!


I wish i could go back to the past to experience what he did, can you imagine travelling during the 13th century?


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