Our busy lives

12 Jan

Weddings. Family functions. Plain visiting the other relatives for name-sake.

The younger generation no longer are interested in such events, seemingly unimportant busy lives, which appears to be more exciting than visitng the sick and elderly.

Guilty as sin, i am of such behavior but God gave us brains to think and change negative to positive.

 Some dont see the need to visiting during Eid because of work or boredom. Though i dont talk  much to those relatives, i never feel bored. I dont go for the money collection anymore as I am no kid now, am i? It is just the visiting, exchanging views and opinions about anything at all, updating ourselves on their state of well-being etc.

Some thinks that wedding is boring, just like school was boring for me, i found something to go to school for. I had a sucky CCA so that too couldnt serve as a pull factor. Well i pulled through school now, so there must have been something to interest me enough. So same thing for weddings, i dont talk to so many people also, just smile at them and they’d ask me a few questions if they knew me, my relatives that is and listen to stories. It is just the time to mingle and get to know more relatives and again the state of their well-being.

Visiting the elderly relatives, i find the hardest to encourage oneself to do so but it always lies with the niat. It is a good thing, stregthening the ties, silaturrahim. That alone could be enough if you put your mind to it.

Imagine yourself, so old and no one comes to see you while you are bored. Unwantedness, loneliness, boredom adds up to total unpleasantness and misery. That is such an ugly piece of painting ain’t it?

By visiting them, you not only make them happy but gain life learnt lessons and knowledge gained through experience. It is all in the mind.

Life doesnt just revolve around your school, work and friends. There is much more that can add spice to your life.

Just something to ponder upon;

I hate the phrase; Live life to the fullest! No offence to those who love it. I find no sense in this statement. Why are we living? Pure enjoyment?


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