Customer service

13 Jan


Is it just doing you job? I beg to differ from common opinion that it is.

My number was called, i walked to the table and sat.

Cust. Svc: So how can i help you?

Me: (…)

She gave me a few forms, told me what they are for and asked me to fill them up.

My mum was tended by another customer service officer who filled up the form for her. He was less formal but the difference in service provided was minimal.

I think customer service goes beyond that, providing more than necessary.

When i returned from Finland, i noticed the difference in service immediately. I came out of the plane, went down towards the immigration and passed over my passport.

He took it and checked and passed it back. If i remember correctly without a word at all, maybe just a slight smile.

Difference, almost all the countries i visited in Europe; the passport control greeted me either with a

“Good afternoon”, in German or Hungarian. Accompanied with a genuine smile.

When i buy something in the supermarket, not even one cashier forget to say ‘Hey’ to each and every customer.

Perhaps customer service mean differently to everyone, but for me it is the mere greeting, sincerely professed from the heart.


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