Synergy Race

17 Jan

It was not too long a race. Enjoyable still compared to more advanced Race 6, organised by NUS.

I usually have a good time at the races which i participated in so far. Choosing the right partner is very important. Ones weakness should be their partner’s strength and vice verse. That was how it was for us, me and A.

We started off at Macritchie, had a few checkpoints in Macritche itself. There was Morse code solving and some other exercises around.

Last checkpoint in Macritchie was kayaking in Macritchie reservoir! Love water sports!!!

Next, we took a bus/ could walk to the next stop which was Old Upper Thomson Road. From there, we had 3 more stops which we were awarded the 4th checkpoint stop.

4th checkpoint – Part 1

Choice of an egg each consumed with the shell OR a piece of bread with spread of wasabi. I have never tasted wasabi before! Foolish me, grabbed the half piece offered by my partner and stuffed the whole thing in my mouth. Whatever it was i felt, it went all the way up and i felt like spitting it out because it was like something was happening to me.

4th checkpoint – Part 3

Climbed up a 25 storey building and at the top, the official took a photo of us with a polaroid camera. So cool! Then i knew how i looked…haha

4th checkpoint – Part 2

We were required to paint our partner’s face according to the pattern given. I sacrificed my face. We had to keep the paint on till the end of the race. Imagine me in public, i probably look like a monster and i dont even know how i look.

5th checkpoint

Back to school, we did a mini biathalon or so they called it. One of us rode the bicycle and the other ran. Quite a draggy thing i think.

6th checkpoint

We had to climb this rope ladder. Super challenging lah. The steps were so far apart! Moving somemore. Hand sore, leg weak already. I had some knee problem or should i say have.

7th checkpoint

All the way to the swimming pool, kind of the easiest on my part because i was only required to make this bracelet out of straw and string whereas my partner had to use the float and paddle using her hands over to the other side and back.

8th checkpoint

Abseiling. Fun one it was!

Lastly, to end the race with a bang, we slid down this thing which is made by this like a big banner type thing and added soap water so that it is slippery. Fun! Like last time, fantasy island. Old times…

We came in first in our category, Females. There were only 2 teams for this category.

We got these…

all the stuff we got...goodie bag as well

all the stuff we got...goodie bag as well


That’s the polaroid photo…nice right? Though we dont look our best 🙂

One Response to “Synergy Race”

  1. Azlina February 5, 2009 at 1:05 pm #

    I look sooooo fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ELK!!!! eeewww…. haha.. but was a great memories tru out especially with the right partner.. hehe

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