kids these days

19 Jan

I just witnessed something weird, just like superman jumping from the top of the building.

 Something moved from the second floor to the first floor. I looked closely, it was a little boy. He looked fine but he remained seated on the hard ground.

The seriousness of what happened occurred to me after sometime. It is not so high from the second floor but still he could have fallen on his face, broken his ribs etc. He landed on his legs like superman. 

He is in pain, he said he just needed sometime to rest. I asked him why he jumped, he said in chinese – they say jump, i jump lor.

Urm…i didnt know what to say. Im sure the girls who asked him to jump felt guilty. He wanted to be a hero in their eyes maybe. I can never understand what kids think even though i was once a kid but my childhood was not the best time of my life so far. Not the worse either, just in between.

Childhood to me had it’s fun times when i played rounders with my cousins, police n theif, the playground which was made up of 2 big pineapples. Playgrounds are made to be more child friendly today, in the past the ground was sand.

Primary school on the other hand was not where i had the most fun, where most had their carefree days. For me i felt as if it was an uncomfortable period of time when i couldnt be myself.  Weirdly enough.


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