Weight issues

19 Jan

Everyone seem to be suffering from it.

I remembered the time when i didnt need to bother about my weight because no matter how much i ate, i didnt gain much. As i grew older, weight gain became a problem issue.

Just like most consumers, when catchy magazine headings attracted my attention, i thought to myself that i should get it so that i can learn some weight loss tips. It was just for a short period of time till i got busier with the many commitments of life.

Just a while ago, i read about this sister in America who lost like 20+ kg in 2 months and many of her blog friends commented that they have the same problem of wanting to lose weight but always tend to veer off that direction as they couldnt fight temptations.

Cant take it any longer, i decided i have to do something now, especially since i have time on my hand at the moment. I actullay tried playing badminton but i think it wouldnt help much really. It is kind of the only game where 2 is the minimum number of people. Jogging is really boring for me and i tried that before, after sometime, i get bored and stop doing it.

I dont have many friends leading an active lifestyle as well. I tried to look for muslimah/ women gym so that i can exercise in comfort. Only found 2 and the website is quite lousy. Another is rather expensive, not for students like me. I wasnt about to give up, will find more ways Insyallah. Im open to ideas as well 🙂

Anyone interested in a game of basketball/netball/ tennis?


One Response to “Weight issues”

  1. ad January 20, 2009 at 1:29 am #

    tag me along with ur exercise regime

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