20 Jan

Endorphines are released when we feel happy. We must do activities which releases these endorphines to make us happier individuals.

The pursuit of happiness, what most try to attain in their life. From young, we’ve been instilled with thoughts that if we do well in school, we would get a good job and good job means good salary which in turn => good life which is filled with happiness. Is it true then?

When i reach a crossroad in my life, i have to make a decision of what i want to do for the rest of my life? Or perhaps just temporarily. But if doing what society has installed for me is the option, it doesnt make me happy. Everyone is planning to go into this line doesnt mean i have to go into that line right? 

Sometimes when i talk to my friend, X would be able to sense that im happy and would enquire the cause of my happiness. Now im more aware of what makes me happy, it is the littliest things in life.

I just watched Isteri untuk Suamiku and, boy was i surprised to see Arman from Hikmah in this serial. I watched this serial for the first time and it is because i saw him in the advertisement. Haha…so handsome, so baik, so everything…as they said in the episode just now, lelaki yang sempurna. Hanya rekaan untuk menghiburkan, andainya…

Pursuit of happiness, a short term solution.

I also read that crying will help to relieve stress and it is good, sure does feel good after a long cry!

Now im unhappy! Argh!!!

A messy room makes me really unhappy! Beware, i will eat!!!

Volatile really.

As a side note; there are ways to achieve happiness…good read

To name but a few – watching TV, playing game, religion, sports, achieving long term goals, acting happy.


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