pursuit of happiness

21 Jan

Its funny, even i feel happy at Barack Obama’s inaugaration.

 ” With great power, comes great responsibility,”

your friendly neighbourhood spiderman. 

” With great expectations, comes greater disappointments,”

as quoted from some political figure. ( not exact quotation)

…………….      ………………..   ……………….         ……………….    ……………………   ……………. 

Life is beautiful, my friend said. 

Urm, i do not disagree but it is definitely not easy. Well, nothing is easy.

When we reach a crossroad, a decision has to be made but we are as clueless as a new born child. Not only are we unsure of what we should do but what we want. Even if we are sure of what we want, we might not be able to get it.

Should we pursue what we want? What if that path’s future prospect seems bleak? Do we go ahead? Urm…hello the world doesnt just revolve around you! Wake up to reality, if you choose the wrong path you’d just remain jobless when those who went to primary one with you attain high ranking positions in todays’ evil world.

Should we listen to our parents and do what we are not interested in but there are higher chances of getting a job even in a recession of the century? What if there is truth in what they say, like go NIE. Good job, good pay, what else you want? Uhh…happiness or satisfaction from doing what you enjoy? Contradicting my statement ain’t i?

Irony. We are asked to pursue our dreams, as long as it is not out of the league. Who measures that? Confusion evades our minds as we decide between what we want and what we should pursue.

Life would be beautiful if i wanted to be a doctor and im gifted with brains which will grant me that dream. A straight path towards my goal. Will i be happy? I think so since that is what i want. Perhaps.

Good pay, stable job => get what i want in life, in terms of material aspects. Will i be happy? So are we still on the path towards the pursuit of happiness? I have no idea.

I want to do what i enjoy, my passion. That will make me happy so i guess im still on THAT path. 🙂 I realised though that i have to pick and choose the paths because im not young long enough to do all of them…


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