Difficult issue

22 Jan

Hijab issue is always one which causes many to ponder…

Why? Why not?

The videos – episodes from Everywomen.


One thing i really disgree with the hijab fashion today; the style which just covers the head and wearing necklaces and earrings and accessories. The pure purpose of covering up is not to attract attention. It is hard, im not saying you should do it all at once but slowly correct your way of covering up. The religion is not difficult, just simply beautiful.

Firstly, was the journalist who started wearing recently, Alhamdulilah. She made a lot of good points; compulsion = replusion. By forcing them to wear, makes them feel like repelling the idea. The main thing which caused her to change her mindset and give a go ahead with hijab is…try to catch it in the video.

How the hijab helped her? This question was answered well.

I really salute the girl who said she might be a niqabi one day, and of course sister Myriam, who is already a niqabi. Masyallah. I dont know if i can do it. Im still researching the need for it.

She third girl in the second part of the video, she mentioned that she took too much time to get ready. Honestly, i think it is much much faster for me with the hijab. One thing is for sure, no bad hair days!

The underlying fact remains that; if you want to do something, no matter the odds, you can do it. If you dont want to do it, you’d find reasons to not do it.

“Dont judge a religion by its followers but instead study the religion itself and judge for yourself.”

Nora mentioned that, she didnt want to be part of the hijabis, im not being bias but no one is saying hijabis are perfect. As human as you and i are; flaws are only normal. She also mentioned towards the end of the video that hijabis wear it for different reasons, urm who cares? ( dont want to contradict myself here; if you want to wear it, you dont have to look at other people’s wrong reasons for wearing them – hard to express my point here)

 Do you wear certain clothes for certain reasons? To be part of this community? How about those hijabis who are in some parts of the world, what community do they belong to? Or do they wear the hijab to belong to a certain community?

I have nothing against her; just some of her idealogies. She did mention some valid points about the reasons why some girl choose to don the hijab. One need to get out more to broaden ones perspective.


One Response to “Difficult issue”

  1. ad January 23, 2009 at 1:51 am #

    yes hijab is compulsary, but it doesnt make u a better human. wat on the inside that counts & wats on the inside tat allah see at the end of the day…wearing it cos it is pressuring frm the society or community does make u a munafik cos u r wearing it for the wrong reasons.

    & the main objective of wearing hijab is to close & open only the face and hand & doesnt mean u can be a fashionista & hv accesories. there’s nth wrong with showing necklance & earrings. In fact theres more shops in geylang selling accesories for the hijabs sister outthere…& i think it is beautiful.

    Thanks for your comments. Really appreciate it.:)
    I would like to however say that – im in no way saying that only better muslimahs wear hijab. It reflects alot on the nature of the hijabi but it is true that you wear to be a better person. Why else would you wear it? To be a worse person? Wearing a hijab will deter one from doing some haram actions, im not saying that all hijabis are refraining from haram actions.
    That is why is a personal thing between that person and Allah. The reason for using, very important but for me the reason for using at first was wrong, just listen to my mum. But the reason changed later, as you realised the benefits of using it. And seek more knowledge about why we have to use hijab. Itu satu kewajipan. It is not a choice, people make it a choice.

    As to wearing earrings, well…no offence to those who like that style but i sincerely think it is wrong. Quote what the niqabi sister said – as for colours, i choose to wear black though of course i can wear other bright colours. The point is not to attract attention.

    I am speaking to myself as well when i wrote that.

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