A team memoir

23 Jan

It is weird, i feel off.

I dont know why, i had lots of fun in Ateam – mostly due to the company. Nisa brought me in and she was the cause of all that i experienced. She made me participate in events, camps…etc. For that im thankful.

Through ateam, i met many wonderful people; those who brought laughter and joy. Pooja, an endearing soul. Rachel, i always thought of her as someone who brings laughter to those around her. Azlina, someone who actually carry much more meaning to her exterior and she allowed me in. Farah and Faizal..fun loving people. Many more whom i have made contact, no matter how big or small, they still matter.

Ohh not forgetting the sarcastic Shamsul. The zoo gang was the best! Best times :))

Someone is missing here...so another group photo.

Someone is missing here...so another group photo.


As for some today’s photo…


Another photo…Gloria, sweet girl 🙂



One Response to “A team memoir”

  1. Pooja January 26, 2009 at 6:58 am #

    Parvin-Ur post is damn nice-short and touching [BTW-what does endearing mean?]
    I am really thankful to have got a chance to know you and am also thankful to you for taking my childish behavior!!!

    Love you Lots-Camel of our ZOO!!!!

    Poo, i am quite sure, there is such a word as endearing. When i typed that, i thought of you as someone with good nature and warm.
    Meeting you was my pleasure! The times spent, though not so much was worth every second of it…
    Thanks for tagging Pooja 🙂

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